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Our goal is to provide the spark that launches your company to the next level. 

We want you think differently about your business. Stop with the hustle mindset and start being intentional about your thoughts, actions and how you lead in your business.


We want you to take action. Imagine what it is costing you not to move on your dreams and lean into your purpose. 

The founder
Kenyetta Hall
CEO, Strategy Lead

My Mission

Hey Yall,

I’m Kenyetta,

Business and transformational coach/consultant, Dog mom, foodie, and extrovert.  

I Started doing freelance business consulting while working and freelancing was a way for me to dive into this entrepreneurship thing without taking on the full risk of diving out there. I knew helping people build and grow both personally and professionally was my jam so I dipped my toe in the water. I worked with startups (software) and small businesses in the space of product and business strategy. In 2020, I was let go from my job. I decided I was not going back and been betting on myself every since. 

Along this journey, I have had the opportunity to be apart of two startups, build a founding team and help other business owners really become intentional about growth and sustainability of their business so they can build the life they want on their terms and make an impact while doing it.

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