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Are you ready to stop just owning your business and truly step into being the CEO of your business? 

Time to Ditch the Overwhelm

That is why YOUR NEXT LEVEL CEO Experience 
is for you. 

It's frustrating when you know you should be further ahead than you are,
but you don’t know how to get there. 

Truth bomb: You want a plan that positions your business for growth so badly!

But your efforts thus far haven’t helped you get there.

You’re frustrated. You know you are too close to your own business it’s hard to step back to see what you need, and why. Gaining focus to work out the smart next steps has been a struggle.

You’ve probably learned some lessons (more like what NOT to do), but no matter how much you work at it… you still backslide into old habits or overwhelm...

With lets face it, little to show for it.

Giving up sounds good, but you know for a fact that is not the option for you. You’re committed to put yourself in a position for growth and truly having a plan that lays out the steps needed to create a thriving business.

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You’ve already tried…

Courses and reading books, etc. And why those things are good, you know for a fact something is missing. The math ain't mathing.


You've invested money in all the things, thinking it is going to give you what you are looking for and that ends up falling flat and 


It’s frustrating and demoralizing to feel like you’ve tried (or at least considered) it all, and to be honest you’re TIRED and ready for a different way. YOUR WAY.


The reason those things haven’t worked for you is because you haven't
truly aligned your business in way that works for you.

Working with Kenyetta has been life changing. It's not just something to make this testimonial sound good but in fact the truth. I was able to leave my corporate job this year and that was life changing for me in so many ways. With Kenyetta's help and finally listening to all of her advice, I was able to do this. I met my goal of making 10k within the first month of me leaving my job in January. Keep in mind, I just relaunched this business in September. Kenyetta really believed in me more than I did myself and pushed me in the right direction. It's only up from here and I'm taking her with me!
~CEO, Cecile Jordan, Online Service Provider 
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In Your Next Level Experience You Will:

CEO Mindset shift from Owner to CEO 

Start declaring what you desire.  Release what you have been holding

back. Stop making decisions from a space of lack and learn to move with and abundance.  Learn how to self-lead and be the CEO you are meant to be.

Build a step-by-step customized Strategic Roadmap 

Confidence knowing you have a true business strategy for your business. No more guessing on where to focus. know what, when and how things need to be done in your business. Execute with confidence. Accelerate your growth. 

Tangible Action Steps

You can now be relentless about execution because you have identified the actions needed to move the needle in your business.

Refine your Business Foundation 

Truly gain an understanding of how your business fit into the market and how to position your business to win.

Your Next Level CEO, seeks service providers & experts with a specific criteria.

The fact is-- we can only accept a limited number of participants at any given time and (because of our guarantee below) we only work with those who are qualified and ready to show up, do the work and focus to achieve the objectives of the program.

Because of this, it’s imperative that every participant is truly ready for this level of growth--ready to lay the foundation for growth in their business--and has the attitude and drive to make the most of their time in The Your Next Level CEO.

It is truly exciting to support service providers & experts as they lay the foundation for growth, but we must make sure you are qualified (and ready) before we commit to working with you in this program. 

Who this is for:

  • Ready to do business on your terms.

  • 2+ years in business and/or approaching.

  • Ready to take back your time, effort and energy. 

  • Ready to fully show up and show out authentically and unapologetically in your business & make money while doing it. 

  • Ready to get the guidance and support you need to take it to the next level of growth both professionally and personally.

  • Not looking for a quick fix and ready to play the long game.

  • Ready to invest in your development and the development of your business.

  • Ready to have a step-by-step strategic growth plan with action steps so you can take action in your business with confidence.

Who this is not for:

  • Been in business less than 2 year.

  • Still would like to continue to DIY their business. 

  • Looking for a quick fix to your business challenges.

  • Not looking to maximize opportunities.

  • Not ready to be open and change your mindset when it comes to how you do business.

  • Ok with Hustling and having inconsistency in your business.

  • Does not want a true growth plan.

  • Not ready to make the investments in your business.


The format of the Your Next Level CEO is what makes it truly unique and helps your achiever

results that were previously not possible. When we speak, I’ll explain the entire format and structure in detail.

Live Video Calls

For what’s important to know is that this is live video chats via Zoom to walk you through the The BluePrint framework step-by-step. You will be accessing all content via membervault.

Your Next Level CEO Community 

You will be surrounded by other service providers & experts just like you, with similar goals to yours. Inside of this group, you’ll be able to help track one anothers’ progress, support each other through challenges and wins, and keep your drive high! Because we are so selective about who is allowed into the program, rest assured this is a highly curated community--so get excited to meet everyone!


 We will meet to go over your goals, strategy, and questions about your strategic growth plan. You will receive personalized attention and feedback throughout the our time together.

Clarity and Confidence

Knowing that your business is focused on the right things to move forward and laying the foundation for your growth and success of your business.


Between you business goals and business strategy and the confidence to realize your vision. 

Strategy and Roadmap

To follow so you can focus on execution within your business.

Get ready to learn how YOU can get laser-focused to supercharge your results.

You have the power/ability/strength to create a foundation for your business to not just survive, but thrive.

But, what you’ve been doing hasn’t been working and it’s time for that to stop, once and for all. Spending hours & hours everyday not focused on the right things in your business. Feeling shackled to your business. Working hard is hell, but you are simply not seeing the results you want

Trying, reading, learning and consuming EVERYTHING, workshops, courses, yet still feeling really frustrated and stressed out. 

Being so focused on trying to figure the next steps to take and you are worried that you will never figure it out. You’re here reading this page because you’re a service provider who’s SO done with…. 

You’re tired of wasting time, money and energy on methods that give you ZERO results. You’re ready for:

  • REAL answers

  • REAL support

  • REAL community

Which is why you’re the perfect candidate for Back to the Basics.

Because you know what happens when you finally know what steps you need to take to truly grow your business with ease?

You wake up every morning EXCITED  because you know exactly what to do in your business. You can focus on execution, you now know what and how to prioritize your time. You have freedom to create the life you want to lead instead of living to work. 

Results don’t happen by accident. SUCCESS IS PLANNED.

They happen because you have followed a system and process, taken the steps, done the work, and received the help necessary to get where you want to go, PERIOD.

If you’re ready to finally see those results you’ve been wanting for,
Lets do this.


BIG FACTS: We are 100% committed to our clients inside of The BluePrint Biz Coaching Program. But I understand you’re not behind the scenes seeing the wins that we’re seeing everyday. So why don’t we bring you behind the scenes?

You don't have to listen to me go on about how incredible the program is.

Instead, you can hear directly from the horse's mouth from business owners like you who’ve experienced these results firsthand. 



Hamilton Brown,
CEO of Fitzconsulting Group

After working with Kenyetta, I was able to get a tangible plan of action moving forward. She helped me see how much time I was wasting with completing menial tasks myself instead of paying someone. She also helped me with my strategic plan for growth. I am happy to say as a result I was able to hire a new employee and got two new clients!!! Kenyetta knows what she is talking about and she makes it so easy."


Audacity Labs
Anjanette Miller, Executive Director

When I met Kenyetta, I didn't know I needed her. But once we spoke about the goals of my organization and she shared her insights, I knew I would be more successful, more quickly than if I attempted it in-house. The strategic plan she offered was concrete and tangible. The content she created was spot-on. This only happens when you’re strategist listens and then invests a piece of themselves in her work. Kenyetta loves what she does and this passion translates to the product.


Katesha Broadus,
CEO of The Village Mindset

Working with Kenyetta has been a rewarding experience. She has helped me gain clarity on my business model and purpose as an entrepreneur. As well as I now have a better understanding of how to articulate my value based on my expertise and experience when engaging in wage negotiations. I am no longer lead by fear, thanks to Kenyetta helping me "paint a picture of success."

In Your Next Level CEO, You Will Finally

Change in mindset from worker to CEO. 

Your are growing a business authentic to you and on your terms.

Gain clarity and focus - with a clear plan and action steps.

Have freedom to make the decisions and live the life you want.

Have a roadmap to guide you as you implement your plan.

Feel less overwhelmed and frustrated.


Unlike other online-based coaching programs, Your Next Level CEO is not a course where you are left on your own, we are not about selling you a dream that you will make six figure in three months. That is just not what we do. We work with you to build a viable, thriving business and that starts with planning. 


Your Next Level CEO is different in its focus on sustainability and growth.


As a member of Your Next Level CEO you will not only be guided in creating a customized step-by-step strategic growth plan, but you will be supported, encouraged, and most importantly held accountable to really focus on planning and identifying the steps needed to set your business up for growth. The best part is how absolutely do-able this will be once you have the right framework and support in your corner.


Don’t spend another moment stalking my content and re-reading this page.

 If you know this is for you, trust yourself enough to take this step. 

Because your growth is waiting. 

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